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Report: Nation’s Concept Of Breakfast Rapidly Deteriorating

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WASHINGTON—Saying that what now passes for the first meal of the day would have been unrecognizable a generation ago, a report released Tuesday by the Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics revealed that the nation’s concept of breakfast is rapidly deteriorating. “Our research suggests that citizens’ collective idea of breakfast has completely broken down in recent decades to include such items as three-day-old lo mein straight from the carton, a single packet of string cheese, or a handful of candy from a communal bowl left out in the reception area of one's workplace,” said the report’s lead author Karen Whitman, citing evidence that many full-grown adults across the country now count as little as 8 ounces of liquid, or in extreme cases, nothing at all, as their breakfast. “Throughout our study, we encountered many Americans who once routinely paused to eat a nutritious meal before work or school, but who now regularly start their days by quickly shoveling packaged snack cakes into their mouths while standing directly over a garbage can or sink. It's stunning to consider that these disturbing acts and the shocking food items consumed are actually referred to as breakfast by millions of people.” Whitman added that the severe degeneration of breakfast as a concept was matched only by Americans’ sharply escalating expectations of what comprises a Sunday brunch.


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