Illustration for article titled Report: Nation Spends $50 Billion Annually To Get Kids Excited About Things

WASHINGTON—Taking into account investments by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private industry, a report released Friday by the Pew Research Center revealed that a total of $50 billion is spent annually in the U.S. to get kids excited about things. “Each day in this country, well over $100 million is spent on efforts to take something, such as reading, science, going outdoors, or breakfast, and get kids excited about it,” said lead researcher Michael Hazlett, adding that in 2014 alone, over $10 billion was spent on getting kids excited about fruit. “In addition to the $50 billion that goes toward getting kids excited about fitness or dental hygiene or any number of other things, we found that an even larger sum of $65 billion is then spent each year on making those things fun.” The report concluded that at any given moment, an average of 0.3 percent of the nation’s children are excited.


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