DENVER—Noting that physical limitations were hindering the 39-year-old’s performance, league sources confirmed Thursday that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning lacks the strength to complete longer commercial takes. “Peyton’s preparation and ability to process information are second to none, but when you watch him struggling to complete longer scenes, it’s obvious that time is finally catching up to one of the all-time commercial greats,” said NFL media analyst Albert Breer, adding that it was hard to watch Manning rely on short, quick takes just to get through a single page of dialogue. “Unfortunately, this late in his career, Peyton’s lack of mobility has become much more apparent, and his range is fairly limited as the shoot wears on. It’s never been his strong suit, but now when Manning is forced to improvise his accuracy is just way off.” At press time, NFL analysts told reporters that Manning would probably never make it back to another Super Bowl commercial.


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