Report: Professor Requires Students To Take Final Exam In The Nude

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According to a local ABC news affiliate, a professor at UC San Diego requires students in the class Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self to strip naked and enact a “performance of the self” in a dark room for the final exam, though the school responded that students can also perform the exam with clothes on. What do you think?

“Okay, but this better not be one of those bullshit finals where everyone gets an A for being themselves.”

Sabrina Solomon • Anesthesiologist

“If your kid is studying performance art at the college level, it’s probably best to just ask as few questions as possible.”

Stephen Wilson • Bench Mover


“If I shell out $50,000 just for my son to refuse to get naked in front of his professor and fail out, I’m gonna be pissed.”

Paul Tarango • Tupperware Sorter