Report: Ronan Farrow Has Been Asking People About You

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YOUR LOCATION—Admitting they weren’t sure what exactly the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist wanted with the information, several sources confirmed Monday that Ronan Farrow has been asking people about you. “He didn’t say why, but he’s been going around asking your friends and coworkers to tell him what they know about you,” said one of your acquaintances who asked to remain anonymous pending the reason behind the reporter’s questioning, adding that Farrow asked for details about both your personal and professional life and if there were any complaints or rumors that were a cause for concern. “It’s probably nothing, and he’s just a really curious person by nature, but he did go out of his way to track down some of your former romantic partners. However, he promised that it would all come to light in a few weeks, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much and just keep your eyes on The New Yorker.” At press time, Farrow had left you a voicemail asking if you were available for comment ahead of publication.