Report: Seeing Llama Would Be Fun Change Of Pace

Illustration for article titled Report: Seeing Llama Would Be Fun Change Of Pace

PASCO, WA—Stressing that the whole thing would probably be kind of cool, a new report released Tuesday confirmed that seeing a llama would be a fun change of pace. “All of our data indicates that catching sight of a llama would be a gratifying turn of events,” read the report in part, explaining that viewing the hoofed, woolly mammal would pleasantly mix things up a bit. “While it would certainly not solve all of your problems, seeing a llama would in all likelihood be an enjoyable, exciting occurrence nonetheless. Our research also indicates that beholding the sight of an alpaca or even one of those giant emu birds, for that matter, would similarly break the monotony of your everyday life in an agreeable fashion.” The report added that seeing a squirrel or a dog, however, would not be as enjoyable, as you see them every day.