Report: Teens Injuring Lips Doing ‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’

Reports have emerged that a Twitter hashtag trend called the “Kylie Jenner Challenge,” which involves suctioning the lips with a bottle or other object to achieve pouty lips like those of reality star Kylie Jenner, has led many people to develop bruising, inflammation, cuts, and other dangerous facial injuries. What do you think?

“Thankfully, as an adult I have the life experience necessary to take the Kylie Jenner Challenge in a responsible manner.”

John Teele • Systems Analyst


“See what happens when we don’t teach our children to achieve dramatic effects with carefully applied makeup?”

Grant Halbert • Wagon Puller

“We shouldn’t be encouraging teens to alter their bodies in this way when cosmetic surgery is cheaper than ever.”

Laurel Jacoby • PTA Chairwoman