Report: There An Adult Superstore Off Exit 16

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COLUMBIA, SC—Observing that southbound motorists should begin to come across signs just after passing the rest area, sources reported Wednesday that there is an adult superstore off exit 16. “Yeah, so what you do is, you just hang a left at the end of that off-ramp and it’s pretty much across from the McDonald’s and down a ways from the Holiday Inn,” said one local source speaking on condition of anonymity. “If you hit the Party City or the fireworks place, you’ve gone too far. There’s one called X-Site off of mile marker 177, too, but the Adult Central Superstore is the one you want. Two floors. They got toys, DVDs, mags, everything. There used to be a decent one called Lion’s Den if you get off U.S. 76 and take the frontage road way down past Hardee’s, but lately, it’s kind of for shit. I’d just go to Adult Central. Closer anyway.” The source further urged interested parties to find out when Bud’s working, as he can hook you up with a 30-minute viewing booth session if you buy more than $50 of DVDs.