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GARDNER, MA—Realizing the movie was probably made years before any sort of mandatory industry oversight, nervous viewers watching a Turner Classic Movies airing of Home On The Range Sunday night told reporters that the classic western was old enough that the filmmakers might have actually hurt the dog that starred in the motion picture. “Jesus, did you see how close that dog came to the fire?” said visibly worried viewer Kelly Ashton, adding that there was simply no way the 1935 black-and-white adventure film would feature a reassuring “No animals were harmed in the making of this picture” disclaimer. “They definitely didn’t have the technology to fake something like that back then, and they must have done a bunch of takes before getting the right shot. Oh God, they probably had multiple dogs on set too, so if one got burned, they could just swap in another. Ugh, this is stressful to watch.” Ashton went on to say that while the dog at least appeared to stay out of danger throughout the rest of the movie, she was fairly certain that at least four of the horses had to be put down after filming.


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