Illustration for article titled Report: U.S. Parents’ Top Concern Is Child Dying From Something They Could Be Blamed For

WASHINGTON―According to a Pew Research Center report published Tuesday, the number-one worry among mothers and fathers in all parts of the country is their child dying from something they could be blamed for as parents. “When surveyed, the majority of American parents said their single greatest fear was the death of their child, namely from some cause that could ultimately be traced back to them,” the report read in part, before noting that many parents in the U.S. frequently lie awake at night worrying about the unthinkable happening to their son or daughter and causing the public to look upon them as criminally liable for their death. “Regardless of age, race, or economic background, Americans said that if their child’s life were tragically lost due to something they as parents did or didn’t do, and people saw them as in some way culpable, they would never forgive themselves.” The report found the second-greatest fear among parents was picking up a random phone call and hearing from authorities that charges had been filed against them.


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