Report: You’re Actually Saving Money With Roller Rink Membership

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FRANKLIN, IN—Explaining that you would earn all your money back by attending just three Rock ‘N’ Roll Blackout nights, a report released this week by the Franklin Skate Center confirmed that you’re actually saving yourself money by purchasing an annual membership. “While the $55 membership package appears expensive at first, once discounted entry, priority parking, and a subscription to the rink’s monthly newsletter, Spin, are factored in, the annual pass makes far more monetary sense than paying $20 per visit,” the report read in part, adding that all new members also receive free premium laces from the WonderWheels Pro Shop, a $10 value on their own. “And these calculations don’t even take into account the complimentary knee and elbow pad rentals and half-off glow-in-the-dark jewelry for members. Therefore, it is our conclusion that this is the best roller rink value in the Central Indiana area.” The report went on to state that for only $10 extra, the Ultimate VIP Package includes a free large cheese pizza on your birthday and $15 in game room tokens.