Republicans Outraged Over RedTube Censoring Of Conservative Voices

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‘When They Hide ‘Cindy Lixxx Spread Bald Eagle’ In Their Search Results, They’re Silencing All Of Us’

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WASHINGTON—Saying the website has mounted a direct assault on free speech, Republicans in Congress told reporters Tuesday they were outraged by reports claiming the pornographic video site RedTube has censored conservative voices on its platform. “Sadly, RedTube displays a consistent left-leaning bias, whether through its temporary ban of outspoken Republican porn star Cindy Lixxx’s popular ‘Spread Bald Eagle’ channel or its hiding of search results for phrases such as ‘Stars and Stripes double penetration,’” said Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who echoed dozens of GOP lawmakers as he argued that such actions not only suppress important voices, but also discriminate against conservative viewers who simply want to see bondage scenes of right-wing cam girls blindfolded and bound with the American flag. “RedTube operates a widely used public forum for the exchange of hardcore materials, and it should not be allowed to determine whether Americans are permitted to watch rock-hard Republicans cuming on the tits of fiscally conservative adult film stars. Otherwise, before you know it, the only pornographic videos online will be liberal bukkake or—I shudder to even say it—socialist gang bangs.” In response, a RedTube spokesperson cited the company’s history of providing a neutral platform and pointed to its long-running offerings favored by establishment Republicans, including the premium pornography channel, “Bush.”