Republicans Ridicule Democrats For Caring As Little About Sexual Assault As They Do

Illustration for article titled Republicans Ridicule Democrats For Caring As Little About Sexual Assault As They Do

WASHINGTON—Responding to the fallout of accusations against Joe Biden in a series of social media posts and media appearances, Republican politicians and commentators ridiculed Democrats Wednesday for apparently caring as little about sexual assault as they do. “The silence of liberals on these allegations speaks volumes to how they apparently treat sexual assault as lightly and inconsequentially as we as a party always have—man oh man, it’s really astounding,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in a sarcasm-tinged screed that echoed thousands of others posts and messages delivered from conservative surrogates and Congress members predicated on the fact that both Republicans and Democrats dismiss the significance of testimony from women about misconduct, assault, and outright rape in order to achieve their political goals. “What’s interesting is that Democrats have always billed themselves as so high and mighty on this issue and yet they’ve just proven themselves to be as cynically power-hungry as us! For example, they’re dismissing the allegations against Biden because they want to progress their agenda, just the way millions of religious conservatives have ceased to care about the current president’s history of unsettling sexual behavior for the exact same reasons. It’s so rich! We’re all total sacks of shit!” Conservative commentators also pointed out the rank hypocrisy of liberals crassly using past allegations to their political advantage the way Republicans themselves are currently doing.