Rescuers Heroically Help Beached Garbage Back Into Ocean

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ATLANTIC BEACH, NC—In what many described as an inspiring display of selflessness and teamwork, a group of rescuers heroically saved a beached mound of garbage by helping the stranded trash back into the ocean, eyewitnesses reported Thursday. “We were just walking along the shore when we came upon this heartbreaking scene of a pile of garbage left stuck on the sand, and we realized that we had to act quickly,” said Marie Thomas, 41, recalling how she and several strangers came together to lift the trapped rubbish and gently carry it back down to the water. “It was nerve-racking during those first few moments after we set it back in the ocean, but eventually it dipped beneath the surface and floated back out to sea. It felt good to get the garbage back out there with its own kind. Thank God we stumbled upon it when we did.” Despite an increase in recent beaching events, experts have assured the public that oceanic garbage is not threatened and that its population continues to rise, and advised citizens not to worry at all.