Responsible Gambler Builds Diverse Portfolio Of Super Bowl Prop Bets

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LAS VEGAS—Emphasizing the importance of evenly distributing wagers in order to optimize potential earnings, 34-year-old veteran gambler Eric Whitman told reporters Sunday that he always makes sure to build a diverse portfolio of Super Bowl-related prop bets every year. “A lot of rookie gamblers make the mistake of just dropping their entire bankroll on whichever team they think will win, but you’re running a huge risk if you don’t take advantage of all the side action that most sports books offer these days,” said Whitman, outlining a wide range of prop bets on the total score, whether the game will go to overtime, and which team will kick the first field goal—as well as more conservative positions on whether New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will wear a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off—that make up the approximately $18,000 in his Super Bowl XLIX gambling portfolio. “The important thing is not to get vested too heavily in any given position. For example, parlays are well and good, but remember that those are long odds bets that can’t be relied on to pay off. It’s better to compensate with safer wagers, such as whether Russell Wilson will have a rushing touchdown in the first quarter or what song Katy Perry will begin the halftime show with. You don’t want to get too reckless.” Whitman added that under no circumstance should a gambler purchase half points to cushion a favorite against the spread unless it’s a sure thing.