Illustration for article titled Restaurant Patrons Rapidly Losing Faith Parents Going To Do Something About 4-Year-Old

SARATOGA, CA—Casting numerous glances at the table of three, patrons at Gallo’s Italian Restaurant were said to be rapidly losing faith Monday that a nearby couple would do something about their 4-year-old son. “He’s run up and down the length of the restaurant, like, four times already, all of which seemed like pretty good opportunities to step in,” said customer Sharon Wittsack, adding that her pessimism regarding the likelihood of intervention only increased upon noticing the parents fully engaged in conversation despite their child jumping up and down on the cushion of their booth. “If they haven’t acted by this point, I don’t see why they’d suddenly start now. I think we’re just going to have to put up with it.” At press time, customers told reporters that after half an hour, they were also quickly losing faith that the manager would make his way over.

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