Right-to-Die Controversy

Right-to-die has been a hot issue of late, with both pro- and anti-right-to-die forces holding large demonstrations across the U.S. What do you think of physician-assisted suicide?

"I believe I have the right to die. I also believe I have the right to say: 'I'm not gonna pay a lot for this muffler.'"

Sandra Gregorian • Systems Analyst


"Everyone has a right to die. Especially all those people I'm planning to stab to death."

Oliver Mielecki • Botanist

"My poor mother broke her leg last May, and we had no choice but to put her down."

Wayne Buice • Student


"If right-to-die legislation had been passed years ago, think of all that would have been lost—like the last two seasons of The Golden Girls."

Theo Crawford • Plumber

"Apple, pecan, cherry. I think every person has the right to pie."

Nancy Rivers • Accountant


"If you're brain-dead and hooked up to life support, it doesn't matter if you die or not, just as long as you try your best. That's all anyone can ask."

Matt Polan • Caterer

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