Rise Of The Far Right In Europe

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From France to Austria to the Netherlands, ultra-nationalist, far-right political parties hostile to immigration are making gains throughout Europe. What do you think?

"Who cares if a bunch of fjord-niggers wanna go all fascist? We can take 'em."

Chris Winfield • Plumber

"Darling, I just returned from Fascism Week in Milan, and I dare say floral prints are back with a cold, steel vengeance this year."

Eileen Tenace • Buyer


"I thought France already was fascist. The French guy at the coffee shop sure is."

Paul Bevacqua • Cab Driver

"If everyone has food on the table and the trains run on time, maybe it's worth the occasional mile-deep pit of innocent civilians."

Dan Eichelberger • Systems Analyst


"Imagine how awful it would be if there were a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. It'd be just like the last 2,000 years all over again."

Laurie Almon • Architect

"Just keep your eye on them shifty-looking Luxembourgers. They're just waiting for the rest of the world to blink."

Raymond Fingers • Civil Engineer