RNC Coverage: Line In The Sand

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Hot-footed it over to "The Con" today, hoping to catch a glimpse of this new "Lady VP" the talking heads are talking about.

Some Einstein in the X-Cel Center claimed my badge for today didn't grant me access to the Great Hall:

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I didn't want to embarrass him, but I told him who I was. He claimed he'd never heard of me. This kid was too young to know better—not worth raising a ruckus about.


Brokaw passed by in a rush. We've been friends ever since I was on the "Today" show talking about my cartoons defending the President during the so-called Watergate affair. I called out to Tom but he didn't hear (busy guy) so I just followed behind him towards the Great Hall where we could catch up in style.

Einstein hollered at me to stop. I explained I was with Brokaw and the next thing I know, two security Nazis have me by the arms and I'm out of the X-Cel Center on my keister!


Just like Saddam Hussein did in Kuwait, the people at the X-Cel Center have drawn a line in the sand with me. Hear me loud and hear me clear, X-Cel: This Aggression will not stand!

Decided to go look for lunch.