RNC Coverage: News Bloodhounds

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Tracking the news is hard work, perhaps more so at America's Political Conventions. You have to have a "Nose For News" when in search of the "Big Scoop." Well, there's no shortage of Award-Winning Journalists here and they know where the action is.

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Above you'll see just such a scenario: Reporters have followed the Long and Winding Trail, peering in the nooks and crannies of politics, and discovered a "Source" right here in the Press Area of The Con.


I'm not certain the identity of this particular "Deep Throat" (sometimes Sources prefer their anonymity) but it's clear from the focused attention the reporters are giving him that he's delivering some Hard News to their waiting ears. Who knows, he may even be an "Insider" doing some "Leaking."

Personally, I don't respect those who leak information (it's a fine line between freedom of speech and treason in my book) but it has become, I'm sorry to report to all of you, standard practice in the world of politics.


I didn't have time to catch all that this man was talking about, but it appeared to be of great interest. I'd advise everyone out there on the Information Superhighway to follow the "Sites" and the "Bloggs" as there very likely will be some crucial Breaking News coming down the pike in the very near future.

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