Well, I figured time's a-wastin' and I'd better get a move-on to "the Con," so I journeyed forth down to baggage claim and look what was waiting for me on the other side of the Star Trek-like sliding doors:

Now that's what I call "Rolling Out the Red Carpet!" When the "Saints" go marching in to St. Paul there's no shortage of Welcomes. I found not one, but TWO hospitality tables waiting for me:


I guess the double dose of courtesy is symbolic for the "City of Twins!" But it doesn't end there. Look what was waiting for me at Welcome table #2:


Let me tell you, that crap-pile Denver could take some etiquette cues from the "Saints" in St. Paul. Just feast your eyes on these delicious prepackaged treasures from the local conglomerate General Mills! (I don't mind giving 'em a plug – it's the least I could do given this snacktastic welcome box).

Let's keep in mind that not only is this a wonderful welcome, it's also a PRIVATIZED welcome. By hooking up with a business sponsor, St. Paul can offer this bounty of treats without milking the honest taxpayers a penny. Talk about "Saintly!"


Come on, folks: If the Republican Party can run a welcome like this, just think how they could run the country if given a fair chance for once. Something to think about come November.

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