RNC Coverage: Saluting Our Veterans

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I spotted a True American Hero and got off a quick snap while the jackbooted X-Cel guards were roughing me up. Take a look:

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It's no surprise that Corporal Agarn, decorated veteran of F-Troop, is a McCain supporter. Military Greats stick together—they are indeed "Blood Brothers."


Agarn held his head high with a pride that only comes from years in our nation's armed services. I never had a chance to serve with a "Band of Brothers" but I've always felt connected to our boys in uniform. For I, too, feel a call to a cause greater than myself. Not everyone is blessed to see the world clearly as I do, and I therefore feel it my duty to be the prism through which Americans can view the Truth—a Truth rendered with impeccable cross-hatching (if I may say so myself).

They don't give medals for cartooning—at least none that I'm aware of. But I'm not in this for recognition. I'm in it for my Country.


All of us salute you, Corporal Agarn, from the bottom of our purple hearts.

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