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LIVINGSTON, NJ—Warning parents about the dangers of a powerful imagination, RoseArt announced Thursday a recall of all colored pencils after hundreds of children were sucked into magical drawing worlds of their own creation. “We received nearly 800 reports of children being swept up in a vortex of bright colors and pulled into their sketchpad, where they became trapped in the fanciful illustrations they had drawn using our product,” said spokesperson Belinda Clarke, adding that, effective immediately, consumers must provide valid ID to purchase RoseArt supplies and that all boxes of colored pencils would now include a warning label urging the user to exercise extreme caution when sketching. “Children have been injured and, yes, even killed inside their enchanted pictures while battling robots and dragons, crashing nonfunctional 7-wheeled vehicles, or drowning in bodies of water after failing to draw a shoreline. We can only imagine the horror a parent must feel to pick up a notepad and discover a rendering of their child banging against the page. Please supervise your children’s drawing time, and if at all possible, teach them how to draw a weapon so they can defend themselves if they end up stuck inside a fantastical world where everything they draw comes to life.” Clarke also confirmed that RoseArt would not offer refunds to adult consumers who drew erotic images in hopes of getting pulled into a sexy illustrated dreamscape.


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