Rumors Confirmed: IO Interactive Confirms Agent 47’s Barcode Brings Up Del Monte Whole Green Beans When Scanned

Illustration for article titled Rumors Confirmed: IO Interactive Confirms Agent 47’s Barcode Brings Up Del Monte Whole Green Beans When Scanned

With the Hitman trilogy finally wrapping up this month, series fans everywhere can celebrate a fittingly badass end to one of gaming’s great stealth antiheroes. But one nagging mystery—the story behind the protagonist’s iconic tattoos—remained unsolved. That is until today, when iO Interactive confirmed a long-rumored theory that scanning Agent 47’s barcode would bring up a can of Del Monte Whole Green Beans.


That’s right. Some of Hitman’s most rabid fans might have guessed it. For the rest of us, though? Mind. Blown.

“Since the series started way back in 2000, we’ve constantly heard from gamers telling us their pet theories about how Agent 47 got his infamous barcode,” said series director Christian Elverdam in a livestream revealing the long-suspected series secret. “Some people thought it had to do with his past links to an international criminal syndicate. Others even thought that 47 got the tattoo while being cloned in some sort of underground laboratory. I don’t know where they think up this stuff.”

“The answer is simple: 47s neck can be rung up to purchase a can of Del Monte Whole Green Beans for $1.99,” he added.

According to Elverdam, iO Interactive excitedly followed fan theories as they piled up over the years, expressing delight at the way gamers honed in on Easter eggs such as a throwable can of green beans in 2012s Hitman: Absolution or the countless appearance of Del Monte products in the Miami mission of 2018s Hitman 2. While several Reddit users came tantalizingly close recently with speculation that Agent 47s neck could be used to purchase a can of Hormel Baked Beans, it wasn’t until today that the full truth could be appreciated in all its glory.

“What we want fans to imagine is a supermarket cashier slowly sliding Agent 47s neck over a checkout scanner,” added Elverdam. “Maybe he has to do it four or fives times because the laser is broken and knocks 47s head against the checkout counter’s metal lip. But when it works, a little line that reads ‘Del Monte Cut GB 28oz’ pops up on the register screen.”

“There’s also this two-for-one deal where you can get any other Del Monte canned vegetable of equal or lesser value for free if you use Agent 47,” he added. “I should have mentioned that before. Sorry.”


It all seems so obvious in retrospect! But we’ve got to admit that this mystery had us stumped until today. Thankfully, this massive reveal just gives us more reason than ever to go back to the beginning of the series and experience Agent 47s incredible story all over again. Now that’s the kind of pleasant surprise we love to see!