Illustration for article titled Rust Belt Town Protests Construction Of New Truck Stop That Would Obstruct Views Of State Penitentiary

YOUNGSTOWN, OH—Collectively rising up against the threat to their rust belt community, the citizens of Youngstown, a former steel and foundry center, were protesting Tuesday the construction of a truck stop that would obstruct views of the nearby state penitentiary. “That penitentiary has been the symbolic heart of our community ever since it was built. They can’t put up some fancy new truck stop right in front of it,” said protester and longtime resident Neil Mauer regarding the proposal to construct a Love’s Travel Stop & Country Store in a location that directly interferes with sightlines of the beloved prison for those living in the city’s largest residential neighborhood. “That penitentiary is a part of us. The last thing we need is a bunch of out-of-town truck drivers hogging the remarkable views of our prison. We shouldn’t have to drive half an hour to the park on McGuffey Road to see it just because some millionaire truck stop owner wanted the best location in town.” At press time, protestors were dismayed to learn that Pilot Flying J had plans to build a truck stop that would totally block the view of the old brake pad factory.

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