Olympian Claiming He Was Never A Competitive Swimmer, Works As A Graphic Designer

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CHARLOTTE, NC—Amid conflicting reports of his alleged robbery in Rio de Janeiro alongside three of his teammates, sources confirmed Thursday that U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has begun changing his account of events going back years before the incident. “During the mugging, a man posing as a police officer did not hold a gun directly to my forehead, nor was I at the Olympic Games, nor have I ever been a competitive swimmer,” said Lochte, who asserted that he misspoke during his earlier statement, and has in fact lived in Denver while working as a graphic designer for the past 15 years. “What happened was, I moved to Colorado in 2006 after finishing grad school, and that’s actually when I met my wife, Danielle. When we got to the point that both of our careers were stable, Beth and I settled down in Denver, and we couldn’t be happier together, especially given all the free time on our hands with both kids finally out of the house. But the important thing is that my teammates and I are all safe.” At press time, the three-time Olympian’s representatives confirmed details of a memorial plaque for Lochte in his hometown of Toronto to commemorate the anniversary of his death in October 1996.

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