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SAT Prep Tips

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The first SAT test of the new school year takes place November 7, and students’ scores will determine which colleges will take their applications seriously. Here are some tips for acing the SAT and getting into the college of your dreams:

  • The SAT is nearly four hours long and requires intense concentration, so try not to have been exposed to smartphones, television, or advertising at any point prior to the test.
  • Time management is important as you move through the test. Take a minute to read over the question, take several additional minutes to panic, and then take another couple minutes to kick yourself for not doing any prep classes, while being sure to leave yourself enough time to fill in a convincing-looking pattern of bubbles.
  • If you find yourself stuck on a particular question, work through it by making a list of successful people who never went to college and unsuccessful people who did.
  • Test writers are absolutely crazy about the letter B, so if you’re uncertain, go with B for sure. Or C.
  • Read over the prompts carefully. Some SAT questions are intentionally misleading in order to draw your attention away from the flaws of an American education system disproportionately focused on standardized testing.
  • The answer to number 16 is 0.725.
  • Just relax and try to remember that if you don’t get the score you were aiming for, you’re allowed to retake the test as many times as your parents can afford.
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to bring several backup No. 2 pencils and at least 32 ounces of Xyience Cherry Lime or Rockstar Punched.
  • Try your very best and you should be fine. Remember, your SAT score doesn’t determine the rest of your life—that’s a credit score you’re thinking of.