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LOS ANGELES—Describing Petite Blonde Sucks Off Older Brother as “a masterclass in narrative suspense,” critics praised pornographer Axel Daniels’s savvy storytelling acumen Friday for including a preliminary shot of the protagonist’s penis in order to foreshadow it going off later in the story. “Presaging Jax’s eventual cumshot by having Cassie unzip his jeans and display his unit in the first act is such a wonderful homage to Chekhov and the great luminaries of classical Hollywood cinema whose techniques he informed,” said reviewer Jim Robins of the visionary, noting that Daniels, “in the mold of a Hitchcock or a Capra,” cleverly foreshadowed the climactic finale with sharp dialogue such as, “Oh, it’s so huge” and, “Ohhhh, put it in me, baby.” “An amateur artist might squander the opportunity of a nine-inch monster dong, but a born storyteller with over 600 features under his belt is a master of visual language. Subtle visual cues, such as the dick getting hard in act two or Cassie gargling Jax’s balls at the top of act three, become story devices that let the viewer know that something involving the penis is about to happen, but allow them to wonder as to exactly what that might be. But the falling action fits it all together when Jax busts on Cassie’s face. You never see it coming, but of course, it all makes sense when you see it cumming.” Robins added that Daniels’ creative genius was similarly demonstrated in his thorough exploration of the relationship between step-brother and step-sister.


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