Schwarzenegger Victorious

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After the recall of Gov. Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California. What do you think?

"I voted for Arnold because I agreed with his economic plan. And because I was afraid he might punch me in the face if I didn't."

Daniel Powell • Sound Engineer

"At last, a political family that combines the remnants of the Camelot dynasty with the origins of the Predator franchise."

Molly Prather • Executive Secretary


"It certainly is an interesting career path, to go from bodybuilder to movie star to politician to man in way over his head."

Will Becton • Anesthesiologist

"I'm from Minnesota, and I demand some credit. We elected a ridiculous joke of a governor years ago."

Brandon Calhoun • Systems Analyst


"Who would have thought that a bad Austrian artist who's obsessed with the human physical ideal could assemble such a rabid political following?"

Sarah Jacobs • Lyricist

"Don't blame me—I voted for the porn star."

Kevin Napier • Radio Operator