Scientist: Yetis Real, Related To Polar Bears

According to a geneticist, DNA collected from two pelts, which Himalayan residents believe to be those of yetis, matched DNA from a species of ancient polar bear, with the scientist positing that yetis exist and are likely a hybrid form of polar bear and brown bear. What do you think?

“That’s what I’ve been trying to convince everyone for years: that I once saw a slightly different type of bear than usual.”

Andres Elfstrand • Textile Restorer


“Wait until they tell us the Loch Ness monster is also just a polar bear.”

Alisa Cohagan • Demolition Specialist

“Listen, I have a lot to say about yetis and I’d love to talk about this, but I need to catch this bus.”

Emilio Humber • Lens Grinder