Illustration for article titled Secret Service Agent Learning A Lot From Malia’s ‘18th Century European History’ Seminar

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Admitting that he thought it was going to be really boring at first, Secret Service agent Steven Rossi reported Wednesday that he was actually learning a lot from Malia Obama’s 18th century European history class. “I wasn’t looking forward to this, but the professor has been really great at explaining how the concept of modern nation-states developed during this time,” said Rossi, who praised the way the Harvard course wove together political, cultural, and economic events to create a comprehensive and engaging narrative for the period. “It was great how he provided the context to connect the French Revolution with the Seven Years War and the collapse of Spain as a global power, and then explained how all that stuff from the 1700s shaped the Europe of today. This is way better than Malia’s intro to sociology class. God, I hope she doesn’t major in that.” Rossi went on to say he was hoping Malia would have to go to office hours soon because he had a bunch of questions for the professor.


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