Sen. Stevens Found Guilty

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Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) was found guilty of ethics violations for not reporting expensive gifts, including $250,000 worth of home improvements from the owner of an oil-services company. What do you think?

"It used to be you could bribe an Alaskan senator with just $10,000—and still have enough left for a licorice chew and an opera ticket."

Cynthia LaBelle • Real Estate Magnate

"Christ, can't our Alaskocentric media focus on something else besides Alaska?"

Tim Garland • Systems Analyst


"Oh, is reporting expensive gifts something we are supposed to be doing? Darrick and Ann, those porcelain sauce bowls I got you for your wedding? ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. For two sauce bowls. Happy now?"

Joseph Parton • Business Supplies Salesman