Senator To Try Submitting Rejected Bill To Canadian Parliament

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WASHINGTON—Disappointed after a bill he had been working on for years failed to advance through Congress, Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) informed reporters Tuesday that he had decided to submit his rejected legislation to the Canadian Parliament. “Obviously, it’s not my first-choice legislative body, but they’re still a pretty good group of lawmakers and I’d be proud to have them approve my resolution,” said Markey, who admitted that his bill would affect fewer people if passed in Ottawa, but “at least [he’d] be getting it out there.” “It’s a legitimate, respectable governmental branch, and I’d rather see this bill become law in Canada than have it just sit here, unenacted, in my desk drawer. To be honest, trying to get this thing onto the floor of the U.S. Senate probably wasn’t a very realistic goal in the first place.” At press time, sources reported the senator was trimming down several long provisions in the bill and giving it a splashier title in hopes that the Texas state legislature might vote it into law.