Sesame Street Mourns Death Of Original Letter K

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NEW YORK—Devastated by the loss of one of the most beloved members of their community, Sesame Street residents were in mourning Wednesday over the death of the original letter K. “We’ve truly lost a legend,” said the letter L, a longtime friend and colleague, explaining that the letter K’s groundbreaking appearances in words such as “kite” and “duck” in the early 1960s not only pioneered the iconic role, but also made it as popular with audiences as A, B, or C. “You can see how all the other Ks since have been influenced by him, but try as they might, no one can even come close to replacing this true giant of the alphabet.” The letter L went on to say that if he’d had his way, they would have retired the letter altogether once the original K departed Sesame Street in 1979.