Seventh-Grader Receiving More One-On-One Bullying Since Transferring To Private School

Christiano says his new private-school bullies have taken the time to learn about his personality and figure out what verbal and physical abuse is most effective on him.
Christiano says his new private-school bullies have taken the time to learn about his personality and figure out what verbal and physical abuse is most effective on him.

HOUSTON—Saying he no longer feels like just another face in the crowd, local seventh-grader Evan Christiano told reporters Thursday that since transferring to Crystal Springs Preparatory from the public middle school he attended last year, he has received far more one-on-one bullying.


“At my old school, my bullies hardly even seemed to notice me,” said Christiano, explaining that the smaller class sizes at his new private school give bullies the opportunity to better familiarize themselves with each student’s weaknesses and develop individualized plans for addressing them. “Sure, my old bullies made sure I got smacked around a little, but sometimes when they were calling me a giant pussy or writing ‘I pissed my pants’ on my locker, I wasn’t even sure they knew my name.”

“My new bullies definitely do,” he added. “They carved it into my math teacher’s desk.”

According to Christiano, his tormentors at Crystal Springs Prep take the time to craft degrading names like “man-tits” or “robo-fag,” slurs designed to zero in specifically on each student’s individual interests or areas of insecurity, rather than simply blanketing all their victims with a generic label like “homo” or “retard.”

The 12-year-old said he now receives constant attention from bullies—not just in the classroom, but from the moment he walks in the door each morning, with some even making time for additional bullying after school. Those extra sessions, he remarked, give bullies the opportunity to focus on flaws that require more time to thoroughly examine, from why his hair looks like girl hair to why he’s always dressing like queer-bait.

“There are fewer kids at this school, so the bullies can really get to know you well,” said Christiano, recounting an incident last month in which a bully pulled him aside, took the time to go over all his personal shortcomings, and made sure to stay there alongside him until he was on the verge of tears. “Before, guys would just call me a dicklicker, but it would never really sink in. But these bullies make me repeat it out loud—‘Yes, I’m a dicklicker’—until they’re sure I’ve got it.”

“And now, it’s something I won’t ever forget,” he added.

Emphasizing their dedication and determination, Christiano said his bullies come into school motivated to antagonize him and his classmates each day, making sure to hip-check him into the wall or a water fountain between every period. Additionally, Christiano explained that his bullies are constantly exploring new and unique ways to reach their targets, frequently combining traditional approaches, like punching him in the stomach, with fresh and innovative bullying techniques, such as shoving a handful of tampons into his backpack or shouting “Why do you masturbate so much?” at full volume in front of his peers.


Moreover, Christiano said, bullies in private school have the resources to incorporate more technology into their harassment, making their already effective ridicule even more devastating. He stated that if he ever forgets “why [he’s] a fucking faggot,” he can simply get out his school-issued tablet computer, check a social media site, and find a post from a bully waiting there to refresh his memory.

“The bullies here never miss an opportunity to make an impact on you,” said Christiano, noting that they routinely check in with each other to stay apprised of what’s going on in their victims’ lives. “I honestly think the ones at my old school did the best they could, but these guys here are really committed to what they do. They have so much energy, and they never give up on any of us.”


“They’ve been pushing me really hard here,” he added.