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Thrift stores’ low prices and constantly changing merchandise make them an appealing alternative to regular retail shopping for those willing to hunt for a good find. Here is a side-by-side comparison of thrift shopping versus shopping at regular retail stores.



Retail Stores: $20 for a T-shirt

Thrift Stores: $20 for a T-shirt and seven other articles of clothing you’ll never wear


Retail Stores: Options for all sizes and body types

Thrift Stores: Options for all sizes and body types of the recently deceased

Availability Of Quake For MS-DOS:

Retail Stores: No

Thrift Stores: Three


Retail Stores: Latest trends and seasonal styles

Thrift Stores: It’s $3!

Fitting Rooms:

Retail Stores: Have to look for employee to unlock one

Thrift Stores: Have to look for one that locks

Friends Able To Believe How Much It Cost:

Retail Stores: Yes

Thrift Stores: No


Retail Stores: Get store credit or cash back

Thrift Stores: Possibly tax deductible

Post-Purchase Happiness:

Retail Stores: Fleeting

Thrift Stores: Fleeting


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