Should Rumsfeld Resign?

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As the investigation into abuses at Abu Ghraib prison continues, some Americans are urging Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to step down. What do you think?

"Donald Rumsfeld can't be held responsible for the misdeeds of every last soldier who obeys his orders."

Gary Harless • Systems Analyst

"Firing Rumsfeld is unnecessary. If we demote him to Secretary of Health and Human Services for a while, he'll fall into line."

Karen Heck • Saleswoman


"If anyone has the balls to fire Rumsfeld, I say go ahead."

Tammy Hainzlsperger • Botanist

"Making Rumsfeld resign would be wrong, what with him being pregnant and all."

Michael Paulson • Machinist


"Rumsfeld should be replaced with one of those peace-loving hackysack-kicking hippies that serve as his undersecretaries."

Joshua Anderson • Clerk

"Look, if we start by holding one member of Bush's administration responsible for his actions, where's it all gonna end?"

Richard Gehl • Trial Lawyer