Should The U.S. Attack Iraq?

Frustrated by Saddam Hussein's continued defiance of U.N. weapons inspectors, the U.S. is strongly considering a tactical strike against Iraq. What do you think?

"War is bad for little children and other living things. No, that's not my opinion, it's just something I did a hook-rug of once. By all means, bomb, bomb, bomb."

Randi Chester • Manicurist


"If we have all those extra soldiers, we may as well use some of them up."

Kip Fraschilla • Systems Analyst

"This grave international crisis makes me want to shout 'U.S.A.' thrice."

Max Rudolph • Landscaper

"With the Olympics over, I desperately need a new outlet for my rampant jingoism."

Gina Barlow • Science Teacher

"Before the U.S. resorts to bombing Iraq, we should make sure we've fully explored all other possible options, such as raping their women."

Tyler Welles • Tour Guide


"Remember back when Iran was bad, and Iraq was good? That was, like, weird."

Ronald Potts • Temp Worker

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