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NEW YORK—Saying there was no substitute for cleaning up top-to-bottom with soap and everything, showerin’ real good continues to be one of the top bridal style trends for 2017, sources reported Monday. “Really getting in there with warm water, suds, and a washcloth is an absolute must for this year’s brides-to-be,” said wedding blogger Alicia Ward, adding that showerin’ real good, with some pretty-smelling shampoo to boot, beat out barn weddings, cupcake towers, and halter necklines as the top bridal trend for a fifth consecutive year. “Whether you’re having a traditional church ceremony or you’re just grabbing a witness and heading to city hall, you’ll want to get all lathery and then really dig into all the nooks and crannies until you’re washed all nice like.” Ward went on to say that many brides, however, paired showerin’ real good with brushin’ their teeth hard till any crud is gone.


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