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LOS ANGELES—Expressing concern that the show might be taken out of context given the “current situation,” showrunner Bradley Criswell told reporters Friday he was worried that this was a bad time for his new series about two cop best friends who get a new neo-Nazi roommate. “With everything that’s happening right now, I have to keep in mind there is a chance people might not want to see a kind-hearted NYPD officer palling around with his dumb, yet hilarious skinhead friend,” said Criswell, who wondered if maybe the show about Officer Ryan, Officer Russo, and Klaus’s misadventures in New York City was, due to the current protests, doomed to fail. “Unfortunately, I can picture people not totally getting it, even though it’s less a show about hate groups and White Supremacy, and more about the friendship that brings us all together. I just hope the studio can focus on the good stuff, like the story arc where the two cops finally get their new roommate a job on the force and accidentally shoot an unarmed black man.” At press time, Criswell had revised his pitch to emphasize the diversity of the cast, and how many of the storylines actually focused on Black people and immigrants.


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