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Siblings Each Hoping Other One Will Take Care Of Aging Parents Someday

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CLEVELAND—Explaining that they simply didn’t want to have to deal with the immense time commitment and emotional exhaustion, sisters Katie and Ellen Cattell each privately admitted to reporters this week that they were hoping the other sibling would someday be the one to take care of their aging parents. “Mom and Dad are getting older, and they’re going to start needing a hand around the house and someone to help drive them around pretty soon, and I just know my sister would do such a good job looking after them,” said Ellen, 31, stating nearly verbatim the exact sentiment her older sibling had expressed to reporters in a separate interview, before adding, just as her sister did, that she planned to be busy with her career and raising a family of her own by the time her parents would need more extensive assistance. “I’m not saying I wouldn’t pitch in occasionally, but keeping track of their finances and medical issues is going to require a lot of hard work and patience, and I really think my sister would be better at handling that stuff. She’s just more of the nurturing type, you know?” At press time, both siblings were simultaneously considering moving out of state solely to ensure that the other would, by default, be forced into the role of their parents’ caretaker.


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