Silicon Valley Startup Seeks To Change The Way Women Flee Tech Industry

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SANTA CLARA, CA—Declaring that addressing the issue was a fundamental part of the new company’s mission, Silicon Valley startup DataKore said Friday that it was determined to change the way women flee the tech industry. “We’re absolutely committed to giving women all the resources and opportunities they need to leave immediately,” said president Gregory Richmond, adding that the company is sitting down with its female employees to determine what specifically would make them comfortable vacating not just their current position but also the entire high-tech sector. “It’s no longer enough to merely encourage women to abandon their professional aspirations—we have to install organizational practices that actively push them out. We need to build an entire culture of sexism, and, frankly, that starts at the top with me and the misogynist bullies I hire to help run the company.” At press time, female employment had already dropped by 60 percent, but Richmond hastened to add that that even one happily employed woman was too many.

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