Singapore Approves First Lab-Grilled Chicken

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SINGAPORE—Hailing it as a major step in changing humanity’s prevailing forms of meat consumption, Singapore on Friday announced governmental approval of the first-ever lab-grilled chicken. “After years of research and testing, consumers will now be able purchase delicious lab-grilled meat,” said Singapore Food Agency spokesperson Kuan Sim, adding that the approval was the first step to replacing chicken grilled in restaurants and the home with lab-grilled chicken that was just as succulent and tasty as the real thing. “We understand that it might take a while to get used to eating meat that was cooked over gas grills in one of our scientific research facilities, but we guarantee that you won’t even notice the difference. It took a team of researchers several years to perfect the chemical compound in the dry rub, and for a while there it seemed like all the lab-grilled chicken we produced had a dry and overly hard texture, but we worked out the kinks. It might even be healthier. This breakthrough could change barbecue as we know it.” SFA officials added that they were also currently in the trial process of developing an alternative to meat entirely with a lab-grilled veggie burger.