Sleep: Myth Vs. Fact

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When it comes to how and why people sleep, there are many existing misconceptions that people regard as fact and that influence their behavior. The Onion clears up some common myths about sleep.


MYTH: Counting sheep is an effective way to fall asleep.

FACT: Counting sheep works as long as you don’t get engrossed by the rich detail and fascinating nuances of each individual sheep.

MYTH: Your brain is inactive during sleep.

FACT: Your brain uses those precious hours to pursue its own interests and hobbies.

MYTH: Doctors recommend eight hours of sleep or more per night.

FACT: Doctors didn’t just come across this insane 26-minute YouTube video about ancient Japanese knife restoration at 1:30 a.m.


MYTH: You eat seven spiders per year in your sleep.

FACT: All spiders safely leave your mouth after laying their eggs.

MYTH: Excessive daytime sleepiness always means you’re not getting enough sleep.

FACT: Often, it’s simply the result of being bored by the life you’ve created for yourself.


MYTH: Devices like white noise machines can help foster a better sleep environment.


FACT: Only if you get those devices from our referral links or our site partners at

MYTH: People need fewer hours of sleep as they get older.

FACT: People should get more sleep as they age to gradually acclimate themselves to death.