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PALM SPRINGS, CA—Despite the bounty of packaged, salted treats being passed above his head and the brimful Styrofoam carafes of the richest aroma being enjoyed a mere 10 inches to his right, sources confirmed that sleeping airline passenger Rick Stovol completely missed out on the wild bacchanalia of peanuts and decaffeinated coffee occurring in his row Thursday. “I’ll have a decaf with cream and sugar,” said the passenger in seat 17D, who unlike Stovol savored her chance to sup upon the legume-abundant delights of the snack cart, lustily indulging in the rapturous culinary carousal shortly after the flight reached cruising altitude. “And can I have some water with ice, too, whenever you have the chance? Thanks.” At press time, sources confirmed that Stovol had awoken to the sounds of rustling snack bags and began frantically hammering the call button so as not to be excluded from the sumptuous profusion of dry-roasted delicacies surrounding him.


Some evidence as to whether he stayed awake or not for the remaining duration of the flight recently surfaced in this video for BLAH Airlines Flight 101


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