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Smart Shopper Only Purchases Items With ‘Quality’ On The Label

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MINNEAPOLIS—Explaining the highly selective process he employs at the grocery store, local man and exceptionally intelligent shopper Aaron Lehr told reporters Monday that, as a rule, he only purchases items with the word "quality" written on the label. “I'm very careful about what I consume, so if I come across a product that doesn't say ‘quality’ or ‘high-quality’ on its label, I don't put it in my cart, plain and simple,” said the astute consumer, noting his additional discerning preference for any beverage or snack that highlights its "tasty" ingredients. “Most people just grab whichever item they see without comparing their options, but not me. I always keep an eye out for the one that says it's 'delicious,’ ‘savory,’ ‘scrumptious,’ or ‘packed with bold flavor’—then I know I’m buying a superior product.” At press time, Lehr was paralyzed with indecision while selecting between two juice brands, one claiming to be "all natural" and the other "100% natural."


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