Sniper Suspect Rehires Lawyers

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Sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad stopped acting as his own attorney last week and rehired his lawyers. What do you think?

"This is the only way for the sniping, serial-killer wacko to receive a fair trial. I'm sorry, alleged sniping, serial-killer wacko."

Samuel Riegel • Systems Analyst

"His decision to represent himself might have proved as disastrously unwise as his decision to shoot all those people."

Jeff Campbell • Optometrist


"As long as he's found guilty, justice will have been served."

Leslie Meisel • Secretary

"I know where he's coming from. I tried to treat myself for colon cancer. But after a few months, I turned to a pro."

Oliver Ralli • Securities Agent


"It's wise to hire a lawyer. I defended myself in small-claims court against a carpet-cleaning business. Result: eight years in a maximum-security penitentiary."

David McKeel • Dishwasher

"He should've had a little fun representing himself in court, before he fries like a batter-dipped cod for what he did."

Ellen Newell • Audiologist