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  • Upon discovering you’re pregnant, it’s wise to keep the good news secret until week 12, when the risk of miscarriage has lowered and you’ve had a chance to loop in U.S. Census Director John H. Thompson.
  • Caring for a newborn can be highly stressful, but ranting about it online isn’t the answer. Instead, vent these frustrations privately by unloading on your spouse.
  • It’s unlikely your friends want to scroll through pictures of an umbilical cord stump on Facebook, so keep it a surprise until you see them in person.
  • Look, if you want fawning comments on your Instagram post of Olivia eating Cheerios, you’re just going to have to play the game and go type “aww” beneath a video of Melissa’s ugly kid.
  • Refrain from telegraphing your child’s bathroom habits on social media.
  • After all, your parents never once did that to you.

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