Son Never Showed Such Dedication Until Starting Football Hazing

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LEBANON, PA—Claiming the extracurricular activity has brought out a side of their son they’ve never seen before, the parents of local student Dylan Martel told reporters Monday that the high school senior has shown tremendous dedication ever since he began hazing others on the football team. “I’ve always said that Dylan just needed to apply himself to succeed, and that’s exactly what he started doing when he took up football hazing this year—it seems to have sparked a real passion inside him,” said mother Caroline Martel, who expressed amazement at her son’s discipline in staying late after school each day to force younger teammates to shave their heads, shower in freezing cold water, and then run laps around the field in their underwear and shoulder pads. “We never thought Dylan would put in the effort required for an activity like making every rookie on the varsity team strip naked in the locker room so they could be assaulted by upperclassmen, but football hazing has really changed him. He’s just a happier, more confident person now.” Martel’s parents added that while they didn’t necessarily see their son continuing on with football hazing in college, they had no doubt the lessons he has learned about how to interact with others would stay with him for the rest of his life.