Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Will Feature Fully Functioning Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Illustration for article titled Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Will Feature Fully Functioning Breakfast Sandwich Maker

In the latest tantalizing peek at the next-gen hardware, Sony just revealed their upcoming PS5 will feature a fully functional breakfast sandwich maker. Clearly, this is Sony going all-in on the promise of a future where gamers can seamlessly transition from gaming to enjoying a perfectly made egg sandwich.


It looks like the future of video gaming is coming sooner than we think!

“Integrating a breakfast sandwich maker into the PlayStation 5’s architecture means it’s been engineered from the ground up with the idea of starting your day with a nice, hearty meal,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan, touting the console as the “definitive all-in-one device” for its ability to simultaneously prepare an English muffin, bacon, and egg in under five minutes. “It’s compatible with a wide range of meats, including sausage patties and chorizo, and we’re hoping to let gamers customize their sandwiches by swapping in bagels or toast.”

“This is a truly next-gen breakfast experience,” he added.

Sony has already shipped several dev kits to game makers and told us they’ve gotten back rave reviews about the removable parts and nonstick coating, which many have said allows for an easy clean-up after each use. We’re also hearing some real buzz about the ability to use the console’s revamped PSN social functionality to share images of your favorite breakfast sandwiches with friends online.

Insiders told us the company hopes building a breakfast maker into the console itself will help them avoid the previous pitfalls of selling the PS4 Juicer and Sony Egg Poacher as add-on peripherals, a choice which drew widespread criticism for a botched rollout and consistently coating the console in a thin layer of pulp and sticky juice run-off.

“What we’re talking about is a complete revolution in breakfast sandwich-making technology that’s far beyond anything available in the current console generation,” Ryan continued while stressing that the component should only be operated as intended and that using it to make a panini or quesadilla could pose a significant fire hazard. “We’re also going to be launching with a five-page recipe booklet that will give gamers a complete run-down of the breakfast sandwiches varieties they can make in their PS5.”


Looks like the ball’s in Microsoft’s court now! Unfortunately, the company has strongly denied any rumors about a potential Xbox Crockpot, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled as we hear more. Stay tuned!